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You are at the center of everything

Walking among UNESCO

Immersed in the historical center of Naples, a world heritage of beauty, culture and territoriality. In an almost geometric precision, Spaccanapoli divides the city like an imaginary line that starts from the Spanish quarters, until it intersects with Via Benedetto Croce, cutting in the middle of Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, up to the heart of Naples, our via Nilo. The last stretch of this physical and emotional immersion, in this open-air heritage, continues on San Biagio dei Librai to the popular Forcella district.

Gino Sorbillo's pizza

In Gino Sorbillo's pizza there are all the secrets of the magic of Naples: a journey with every bite. The historic pizzeria in Via dei Tribunali, is a culinary temple, invaded by thousands of pizza lovers every day. For those coming to Naples for the first time, it is a must to learn about a city that finds its guiding star in food.

The sacredness and mystery of the Chapel of Sansevero

The Covered Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino with its beauty, sometimes undefined, symbolizes wonderful and contradictory Naples. Entering the chapel of Sansevero, one is attacked by a syndrome of Stendhal: the art that fills the eyes and the heart until they explode. Sculptural, marble and pictorial masterpieces that follow one another without giving the visitor time to recover from this flood of wonder: Disillusion, Anatomical Machines, Modesty, the Glory of Paradise and the immense Covered Christ, an artistic journey that stretches the 'soul.

San Domenico Maggiore

A dressed golden queen, with her imposing baroque air seems to watch over passers-by with her intrusive and at the same time welcoming beauty, like her Naples. Piazza San Domenico Maggiore houses the monumental church of the same name and the adjacent convent, is an example of a wonderful Neapolitan baroque that illuminates the lower decuman. The church and the complex of San Domenico Maggiore can be visited free of charge every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

Underground Naples

There is a whole life that lies unperturbed at the foot of sunny Naples. The morphology of the Neapolitan territory of tuffaceous nature, has determined the formation of real underground tunnels, which over the years have worked first as aqueducts, as a landfill, as a shelter from the war bombings. Today underground Naples, ferries tourists to discover the secrets and legends of a city waiting to be discovered.

The art in the hands of San Gregorio Armeno

The art of getting by, inventing and creating, the art of bringing joy to life: the magic of the craftsmanship of the Neapolitan Nativity. The crib is the symbol of irreverence and sociality of Naples, of its being always a step ahead of fashions and trends and at the same time, of its imperturbable anachronism. Like a giant matryoshka, shop after shop, San Gregorio Armeno is filled with colors, folklore, small statuettes that preserve the irony and genius of the Neapolitans.

Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

A miracle of opulence that has lasted for over seven centuries, the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, is the result of countless donations, which one by one have brought magic, faith, devotion and mystery. San Gennaro, the most famous martyr in the history of Catholicism, with the miracle of the liquefaction of his blood, holds close to him the fates, the beliefs, the dreams and the fears of a superstitious and superstitious people.

Monastery of Santa Chiara

The convent complex of Santa Chiara, with its majolica cloister, is a shelter from the chaos of the historic center, a place to contemplate beauty and revive the soul. The yellow, the blue, the green of the majolica, of the frescoes, are contaminated with the nuances of the citrus groves, of the sun of Naples, in an explosion of harmonies.

Piazza del Gesù Nuovo

The proud obelisk of the Immaculate is the center of gravity of Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, the beacon of its baroque beauty. The church of the same name guards the body of Giuseppe Moscati.

Metro of art

Urbanization, contemporary and underground art: on the L1 metro line, each stop shows Naples and its avant-garde soul. A concept of art that mixes with everyday life, with the social, urban and territorial substratum, to show new frontiers for an ancient city of DNA, modern in character.

National archeologic museum

Pompeii, Egypt and the Farnese collection: the National Archaeological Museum is a walk through history. The museum par excellence of the beautiful Partenope, is at the center of the historic Sanità, Materdei districts, representing the most sought after destination for tourists from all over the world. The museum can be visited every day except Tuesday, from 9.00 to 19.30.

Piazza del Plebiscito

Piazza Plebiscito, architectural, historic and tourist center of Naples, symbolizes Neapolitanism and its sense of freedom and openness. Coming down from via Toledo, one is as though stunned by the magic of a space that leads straight to the sea. The semi-elliptic arcade embraces, without ever being intrusive, the Basilica ofSan Francesco di Paola. Palazzo Reale, proud at its side, a museum that also includes the historic Teatro San Carlo and the seat of the National Library.

San Carlo Theater

Among the oldest opera houses in Europe, the Teatro di San Carlo represents the temple of ancient and contemporary opera. Close to the Royal Palace, with which it is connected by a door, located behind the building, the theater, in addition to its theatrical production, stands out for the works preserved in the MeMus, a museum building that traces the history of theater and opera.

Capodimonte Museum

Painting, porcelain and botany, Capodimonte with its museum and its wood is a green and artistic lung in the heart of Naples. Masterpieces by Tiziano, Caravaggio, Botticelli interface with a photo gallery and contemporary works promoting a concept of gutted art in its entirety.